Welcome to the Cherry Hill Hotel from Kyle Kostenbader.

It’s been a long-time dream of ours to be here in this old hotel and to welcome you -- it’s our pleasure to cook and serve you delicious food.

The original Cherry Hill Hotel dates back to the late 1820s.  It was 3-1/2 stories high with a beautiful, long balcony on the second floor overlooking what is now the N. Broad Street Extension (see the photo in the dining room). On July 15, 1918 the hotel suffered a raging fire, and despite the efforts of more than 20 firefighters and the local “chemical engine,” the damage was so severe that the uppermost floor had to be removed.  Of course, in the years after the fire the hotel was restored and refurbished by many different proprietors.  We believe it still has much of its original charm, and we hope its “country” appeal will bring you back for good homestyle cooking and friendly service.