Fresh Mozzarella Bites Scallops Wrapped in Double-Smoked Bacon
Made with Calandra's cheese, served with tomato sauce Broiled to perfection
$5.95 $9.95
Jalapeno Crab Poppers Bang Bang Shrimp
Fresh Jalapenos stuffed with homemade crab filling Lightly fried shrimp with sweet chili dressing
$9.95 $9.95
Stuffed Mushrooms Clams Casino
Baby portobello stuffed with homemade crab filling Top Neck clams filled with onions, peppers,
and celery topped with smoky bacon and broiled
$8.95 $8.95
Potato Skins Caprese Flatbread
Broiled with bacon, cheddar cheese and topped
with scallions
Garlic flatbread topped with Calandra's Mozzarella,
sliced tomatos, fresh basil and balsamic reduction


Chicken Spinach Quesadillas Hot Wings (8)
Marinated chicken, spinach and cheddar cheese Hot or mild served with bleu cheese and celery with
Fiery Sweet, Honey Chipotle, BBQ, Honey Mustard Sauce
$9.95 $9.95